Flexibility is the Key

Regardless of what you want to frame, we can cut a mat that will do it perfectly

  • All single and multi window mats are available in standard photographic sizes, or up to 800mm x 1000mm
  • Multi window mats? If you have a design in mind, just fax or email a rough sketch to us and we will format it for you
  • All window dimensions are fully adjustable to suit your artwork
  • Window shape is optional – no extra charge for circles or ovals
  • Double mats in all styles
  • Decorative “V” Grooves can be added if desired

Mats and Colours

For quality and consistency we use and recommend Bainbridge and Crescent Matboards. Both companies produce an extensive range of Production Whitecore, Decorative Whitecore and Conservation Grade mats in a huge range of colours. Unfortunately it is not possible to accurately display this colour range. However, experience tells us that most customers know what colours they require, and if not we are very happy to assist in the choice of a mat and colour combination that will best suit your needs.

Need some backs for your mats?

Foam core is now the industry standard backing choice, having largely taken over from the old MDF board. Unlike MDF, foam core is either acid neutral or totally acid free, it is light, very rigid and clean to work with.

  • Cut to size and ready to use
  • Standard or self adhesive facing paper.
Bulk Orders
  • We supply mats and foam core backing in bulk to photographers, artists, crafts people and the corporate sector, in quantities ranging from 12 to 1000 plus per order.
  • Very competitive quantity based pricing structure.
  • Fast turnaround, delivered to your door
  • Consistently high quality to give your artwork that finishing touch

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Click here to contact us with your mat or backing enquiry and we will organise all of your needs!



Standard Photographic size mats

The only “standard” thing about these mats is the outside dimensions, cut to fit into a range of standard sized photo frames.

Actual window shape and size can be adjusted to suit your requirements

Outside Dimensions

100mm x 150mm
4" x 6"
125mm x 175mm
5'' x 7''
150mm x 200mm
6'' x 8''
200mm x 250mm
8'' x 10''
210mm x 297mm
200mm x 305mm
8'' x 12''
250mm x 330mm
10'' x 13''
280mm x 355mm
11'' x 14''
302mm x 402mm
12'' x 16''
302mm x 503mm
12" x 20"
402mm x 503mm
16'' x 20''
503mm x 610mm
20'' x 24''
610mm x 915mm
24'' x 36''

As you look through our site you will note that we don’t have an “orders page”. This is because we do not sell generic off the shelf mats; everything we supply is cut to suit your needs. Therefore we will need to discuss some details with you, such as mat size and the number, size and shape of the windows. We will do this by email or telephone, at which time we will give you a firm quote.



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