Mat Styles

There are 2 different mat board styles available for framing Cigarette and Trade Cards. Both can be cut to suit any number or size of card, in any combination of landscape and portrait.

1. Traditional Standard Mat

The traditional standard mat is still by far the most popular method of framing Cigarette and Trade Cards. It consists of a single mat cut to suit the size of your cards. Each window is cut fractionally larger than the card, and has a straight cut into which the card is inserted as shown. Once all of the cards are in place they are sandwiched between two sheets of glass and inserted into the frame. The result is that each card sits in its own little window, you can still read the information on the backs, and the cards are not damaged in any way.

2. MCC Floater Mat

We have developed the Floater Mat System for customers who prefer a more artistic bevel cut mat, but without the risk of damaging their cards. To achieve this we must use 2 mats to frame your cards, the first being a traditional standard mat into which the cards are inserted, as detailed above. We then cut another mat to go over the top, this time with a bevel cut window that is set 2mm smaller than the straight cut window it covers. The card is now held in place by the glass on the rear and the Floater mat on the front, with no damage to the cards, and an artistic bevel cut around each card.

At the Mat Cutting Company we have the equipment and experience to cut what are, arguably, the best Cigarette and Trade Card mounts available anywhere. We have 100's of formats on file, each able to be modified to suit your cards.

How to Order

To enable us to cut a mat to suit your cards, we will need the following information:

  • The mat style, whether standard or floater
  • The number of portrait and / or landscape cards in your set
  • The exact card size, preferably in millimetres.
  • We will cut the windows fractionally larger (by 0.5mm) so that the cards sit in the window without catching on the edges
  • Type of matboard. As a guide, we would suggest:
    Decorative Whitecore - Reproduction Cigarette Cards and general Trade Cards
    Conservation Grade - Original Cigarette Cards and Limited Edition Trade Cards
  • Your preferred colour

Click here to contact us with your mat enquiry and we will organise all of your needs!


Sample Formats

"If there is one consistency with Cigarette and Trade Cards, it is that they are all different."

The layouts shown below are just a selection of designs that we can cut. We have 100's of different formats on file, each one able to be modified to suit your needs. If we don't have a design that is suitable, we will do one especially for you, and then email you a copy so you can see the layout!

Please note: on some monitors there may appear to be a slight distortion to some of these formats. This is caused by variations in how the graphics are displayed. Formats are not to scale


10 small cards
Landscape or portrait
250 x 200mm


10 large cards
Landscape or portrait
330 x 335mm



24 large cards
13 landscape, 11 portrait
500 x 465mm

25 large cards
8 landscape, 17 portrait
470 x 520mm





30 small cards, + plaque
15 landscape, 15 portrait
455 x 370mm


25 small cards
11 landscape, 14 portrait
380 x 355mm




48 small cards, + plaque
26 landscape, 22 portrait
480mm x 500mm


50 small cards,
landscape or portrait
520mm x 470mm




  The Battle of Waterloo
24 landscape, 26 portrait
640mm x 435mm
100 small cards,
+ plaque
7 landscape, 93 portrait
610mm x 750mm
Bulk Orders
  • Trade enquiries are welcome
  • We currently supply card mats in “bulk” quantities to customers in Australia, the UK and USA
  • Very competitive quantity based pricing structure.
  • Fast turnaround, delivered to your door
  • Consistently high quality to give your product that professional finish


The Mat Cutting Company
(Inc. The Card Framing Co.)

Victoria, Australia.
phone: (03) 5981-8788
fax: (03) 5981-8799



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