We have been framing Cigarette and Trade cards for the past 17 year so you can be assured of the best possible solution to your framing needs.

A complete framing service. Just send us your cards and we will frame them in your choice of mat and frame style. All of our frames are custom made to suit your cards, and feature a solid timber frame with either a Decorative Whitecore or full Conservation Grade matboard to protect the cards. Your set will be returned to you beautifully framed and ready to hang.

Ordering.You will note that we don’t have an “orders page” for framing. This is because we will need to discuss details with you, such as the size and type of card, and the number of portrait and landscape cards within your set. We will do this by email or telephone, at which time we can give you a firm quote as well as finalise the frame style and mat colour of your choice.

Click here to contact us and we will get back to you and organise the details.

Mat Colours

Experience has shown the following colours to be most suitable when framing the old heritage era Cigarette Cards, as well as most Trade Card applications. However, this is not a fixed range and we are very happy to supply any colour that you may prefer.

All colours are available in either Decorative Whitecore (DW) or Conservation Grade (CG) matboard, as detailed below.

As a guide, we would suggest:
Decorative Whitecore - Reproduction Cigarette Cards and general Trade Cards
Conservation Grade - Original Cigarette Cards and Limited Edition Trade Cards


DW988 Williamsburg
CG8540 Tartan



DW4843 Evergreen
CG8447 Blk Spruce



DW4776 Peat
CG8506 Tuscan Brn



DW4752 Admiralty
CG8526 Indigo




DW4048 Maroon
CG8440 Aubergine





DW4089 Black
CG8517 Ivory Black










Frame Styles

All of our frames are solid timber and come in various widths and finishes. The colours shown are very close to the actual finish, although there may be some variation from frame to frame.


501YT Walnut/Gold
27mm wide

M78YT Walnut
35mm wide


DA113 Walnut/Gold
42mm wide

204WN Walnut
32mm wide



212YT Walnut
27mm wide
701 Mahogany
40mm wide
5502TK Teak
40mm wide
XC30B Black
30mm wide

Name plaques

In a brass or silver finish, these plaques are printed with the series name, producer and year of release, or with any other information you may prefer. A nice finishing touch to any framed set, the plaque is inserted into its own window in the mat and held securely behind the glass.

Click here to contact us with your framing enquiry and we will organise all of your needs!


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