At the MAT CUTTING COMPANY we have the complete
solution to all of your matting needs.

Products & Services

Single window mat boards
With a range of Standard sizes to suit pre-made off-the-shelf picture frames or Custom sizes up to 1520mm x 1010mm, with a window in any shape or size plus double mats, V Grooves, foam core backing board, bags and tapes, the choice is yours.

Backing boards - Foam core 
Accepted as the industry standard backing material, Foam Core is available in any size, style or quantity to suit your needs. Custom sizes can also be specified separately via  our Accessories Shop.

Ready to Frame - DIY
An excellent way for photographers and artists to market their products. To assemble a "Ready to Frame" the artwork is hinged (taped) behind a specially cut Standard Photographic size mat board, mounted onto a foam core backing and inserted into a re-sealable poly bag, ready for sale &/or framing.
Everything you will need to assemble your own "Ready to Frame" artwork is available from the Single Window Mat Boards tab, including detailed assembly information.



Multi window mat boards
We can design and cut (almost!) any style or size of mat board to suit your needs - any layout, any number size or shape of window plus double mats, V Grooves and backing boards to match.

Re-sealable Poly Display bags
Exceptional quality re-sealable Poly Bags, crystal clear and designed to fit a range of standard photographic size mat boards. Perfect for the display and protection of matted artworks. All sizes are available separately from our Accessories Shop.

Cut only
Ideally suited to higher volume orders, you can further minimise your per unit cost with our excellent "cut only" pricing. Simply have your mat board sent directly to us and we will cut it to your exact specification. Please Contact Us for details.

Bulk orders
Available in any size or quantity to suit your needs, quickly and economically.



Cigarette card mat boards
Superb quality “straight cut” mat boards to suit any size or quantity of Cigarette Cards, plus specialist on-site Cigarette Card framing. Over 300 different designs on file to suit any mix of landscape/portrait cards.

Tapes plus other bits and pieces to assist with the mounting of your images are available from our Accessories Shop.

Mat Board, full uncut sheets or cut to size
Need a full uncut sheet (1020 x 816mm) or some mat board cut to size for your art project? We can supply any colour from our standard range of Whitecore Mat Boards, however at this stage you will need to Contact Us to specify the size and colour.

Guaranteed quality
We unconditionally guarantee the quality of our products. This means that each mat will be supplied to your exact specifications and, when we supply the mat board, you will never receive a mat with any surface paper blemish or contamination. Finally we guarantee undamaged delivery to you, regardless of the order size or your location. If we don't meet these standards, your mats will be replaced free of charge.