About us


The Mat Cutting Company began life in 1995 in the historic Rocks area in Sydney. Trading originally as The Card Framing Company, we were recognised internationally for our expertise in the matting and framing of Cigarette and Trade cards. In the early days all of our mats were cut by hand but in 1997 we purchased one of the first Gunnar Computerised Mat Cutters in the country. This gave us the ability to cut complex and highly accurate layouts, confirming our reputation for high quality card framing.

The Gunnar CMC also gave us the ability to cut "normal" picture mounts in any size or quantity required - production runs of high quality mat boards at very competitive prices were now a possibility. As a result the Mat Cutting Company was registered in 2000, catering to photographers and artists as well as individual crafts people. 

In 2003 our gallery in The Rocks was closed and we later relocated to Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. 

Our niche continues to be the supply of mat boards in any size or quantity required along with very competitive quantity based pricing. We can design and cut (almost!) any style or size of mat board to suit your needs - any layout, any number size or shape of window plus double mats, V Grooves and backing boards to match. 

And yes, we still cut what are arguably the best quality Cigarette Card Mats available anywhere!